About Us

Established in Denizli, Turkey, in the heart of the marble and travertine sector; in between the biggest marble manufacturers in the world, ACM GLOBAL / ACMSERMAK exclusively specialized in the production and manufacture of Marble and Granite Processing Machinery and solutions. 

Due to the experience attained over a period of 40 years, ACM GLOBAL is able to provide, what international experts referred to it, “the highest level of quality and user friendly machinery”. 

Over the years, we have been able to perfect the design of the machinery guarantying solutions to all types of demands, circumstances, and environmental conditions. 

Our state of the art fabrication plant combined with skilled workforce can mass produce your needs for all processing machinery. Along with our strong relations and acquired agencies we can provide quick and direct service,  and can customize to your specifications with our fully equipped plant, we can offer quick turnaround times and quality work, ensuring our undivided attention.

The Machine power and level of craftsmanship along with the highly skilled experts of the Research and Development department, has led us to attain a high level of production capacity paralleled by high standards of precision and accuracy for our machinery. 

Our Branches in Palestine, Egypt, Libya and Turkey are a source of inspiration for our clients, displaying many choices and providing the local service to help and assist in meeting the needs of any demand or project. 

WHY ACM GLOBAL? Simply because at the heart of all policies that are developed under the owners stewardship, will be a single-minded approach to preserving the hard-won standards of exceptional product & service quality and commitment to customer service before, during and after the closing of the deal.