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The STX 1203-40 G is a granite block cutting machine, the contents of which are highly technological and innovative, permitting to achieve in real terms.
The bridge is made of electro welded steel construction in order to avoid resonance during the working phase of the discs.

The machine assembly is composed of the fallowing major components:

-One disc holder trolley
-One main bridge
-Two cross beams
-Four columns
The block is located stationary below the machine ,The machine performs all the processing movements.
The disc holder trolley and the spindle housing are built in one solid, completely machined, welded steel frame.
A large hinged door, mounted on one side of the disc holder trolley, permits easy access to the disc housing for vertical discs replacement.

Two V shaped guides situated on the main bridge guides the movement of the disc holder trolley along the main bridge.
Two interchangeable bronze alloyed cushions, made of antifriction metal, are mounted between disc holder trolley sliding surfaces and V shaped guides.

Zero-clearance in the V shaped guides and two preloaded roller system provide continuous, precise, forced contact between the discs holder trolley and the main bridge. This guarantees perfect vertical discs performances.

Four very strong and heavy columns guide the vertical movements of the cross beams/main bridge assembly.
The guides for the vertical movements, positioned on the four columns, are completely machined and protected by labyrinth-type fixed covers.

The vertical displacement are driven by four precision screws mounted on the columns and by four lead nuts mounted on the cross beams. The rotation of the screws is synchronized with three connecting shafts.
The vertical displacement screws rotation axis is controlled by a position encoder connected to the PLC to permit programming of the vertical displacements directly from the main electric panel.

The working cycles are completely automatic. The sequence of the processing operations can be programmed in accordance with every requirement for granite cutting.

The machine is controlled by Programmable Logic Control units (PLC) and all the working parameters are visualized on 10 inch color touch screen control panel. The main motor is 160kw and driven by electronic frequency inverter so the speed can be adjusted according to the material and different size of discs.

The machine has pendulum cutting system that the discs can not impact to the block directly. When they start to cut the discs perform the cutting inside the stone. The discs cooling water feed is controlled by a safety sensor, which causes the machine to stop in case of water pressure drop. The working parameters and the diagnostics are visualized on the display.

The machine painted surfaces were treated with the fallowing painting procedure: sand-blasting, surfacing, double layer of bi-component epoxy primer, double layer of polyurethane enamel.

Max. block dimensions with 1000mm discs (w x l x h) 230x330x210 cm
Vertical disc motor power 160 kW
Max. number of vertical discs (with 1000 mm diameter) 40
Horizontal disc motor power 15 kW
Bridge vertical movement motor power  7 kW
Bridge transversal movement motor power 2.2 kW
Vertical disc movement motor power      5 kW
Block trolley motor power 2,2 kW
Max. disc diameter 1700 mm
Max. horizontal disc diameter       400 mm
Disc carrying trolley speed            0-18 m/min
Water requirement 800 l/min
Weight 26 tons