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MWS – 40 is SERMAK’s new designed diamond wire saw machine, The machine offers the best results in terms of cutting speed and precision . The machine cuts with maximum 40 diamond wires. The block trolley length can be made for 4 m, so 2 or 3 blocks can place on it.
MWS – 40 has 200 kw main motor driven by electronic inverter to adjust variable cutting speed according to the different material hardness  to be cut .

The pneumatic tensioning system allow to stretch the wires independently for each wire.
The system  controls by PLC system with digital touch screen panel .

The system allow to adjust cutting parameter settings, automatic tensioning control for each wire, self diagnostic , fults and alarms .
The machine has 4 oversized drums to drive the wires safely and eliminate the vibration during the cutting process.
There are 2 wire guiding wheels to absorb the vibration.


Max Block Cutting length 350 cm
Max Block Cutting Width 110 cm
Max Block Cutting Hight 210 cm
Main Motor Power 200 kw
Adjustable Cutting Speed 0 – 30 cm/h
Adjustable Wire Speed 0 – 30 mt/sec
Length of Diamond Wire 18.5mt
Water Consumption   300 lt/min
Weight 33 ton