Stx 1203 M

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Stx 1203 M

Cutting trolley :The cutting trolley on STX 1203 M is made out of highquality steel construction to supply a high resistance and heavy structure for instance to absorb the vibrations occur during the cutting process.

Side bridges: The side bridges which are carrying main bridge are made of steel construction. The sliding surfaces work in oil bath for in order to avoid depreciation and rust. 

Columns:The four columns installed with the horizontal beams over the machine are made out of Special steel with electrowelding system and the slide surfaces are protected against dust and water by special covers. 

Block trolley: Block trolley manufactured from steel construction and moves on rails by an electrical motor. 

Cutting control system: The machine is completely painted by epoxy paint after sand blasting operation.

Maximum block dimensions (with 1000mm disc) cm       320x220x220
Maximum disc diameter                                                  170
Maximum number of discs                                              2
Main motor power                                                              180
Horizontal disc power                                                       25
Horizontal disc diameter                                                 45
Bridge vertical motion motor power                            5
Bridge horizontal motion motor power                       3
Total electric power                                                           160
Weight                                                                                    17.000
Length 7600
Width 4550
Height 535