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This efficiency proved machine has been specially designed for thickness gauging and polishing of strips with cut ends. And max. width dimensions 2100 mm. The new PLX 2000 series supported with high technology, can reach top production speeds, whilst reducing consumption, maintenance and depreciation. THE SPINDLE: The PLX 2000 G features powerful, high precision polishing spindles with pneumatic working pressure which easily and perfect polishing any kind of granite.The spindles are entirely processed on CNC using highest quality of the material. Every spindle is assembled in the center of the mobile beam. 

The spindles are working at their centre of gravity on the rotation axis so the mechanical play is reduced and this eliminates maintenance works. 
The spindle has two electrical motors special tothed belt transmission system that the motors drive by prevents loosening or slipping of the spindles even under stress. The pneumatic system makes use through counter air pressure of the considerable spindle mass to obtain stability to the polishing heads. Counter pressure pneumatic system allows to polish fragile and delicate materials, with low working pressure. The machine controls the lifting movement of the spindles automaticly according to feeding the material 
THE BEAM: The spindle holding beam is made of electro - welded steel and moves on exteremely wear resistant cast iron and alloyed bronze slideways. Sliding components are working in an oilbath and protected by stainless steel labyrinth seals. Beam movement is done by two motor reducer system located at the end of the beam to ensure constant and regular beam motion. The beam moves on two side bridges made of electrowelded steel and it has very strong structure to eliminate vibration during the operation. The synchronization shaft located the rear side of the beam provides uniform movement at both beam ends.  The bridge moves on bronze alloyed slideways working in oil bath The adjustments, quick format changes and performing very rapid arrangements are some minor themes of high technological feedbacks manufactured for productive flexibility in this machine.

THE TABLE: The uniblock steel chasis designed to provide high rigidity and stability. The surface of the table covered by hard stainless steel to ensure long life of table and conveyor belt. At the ends of the table 2 turned belt drive rollers are installed one of which is free moving, and other one is motorized. The belt drive rollers are made of special steel. The belt is driven by a planetary type gear –motor to provide safe and uniform movement during the process. The conveyor belt speed adjustment is obtained by electronic frequency inverter.

ELECTRICAL AND WATER CONNECTION: The electrical and water connection between machine stationary part and the mobile beam is made by flexible cable chains which assure safer working conditions and a longer life for components. The polishing heads cooling water feed is performed by steel pipes which operates in a fixed position in the center of the spindle. The water cooling pipes can be removed very easily for the periodical clearing for calcereous substances. THE HEADS: A polishing head with swinging arms to hold the tools (abrasive or diamond) is mounted on each spindle. The motion of each swinging arm is obtained by an extremely precise, kinematical and mechanical system that reduce any clearance therefore ensuring low noise and long tools life. The particular geometry, the oscillation angle and frequency of the arms help to obtain high tools efficiency. The lubrication of the mechanical parts is by means of permanent oil bath with automatic lubrication pump. The even operation of the abrasive-holder arm controlled by a gear kinematical motion and the axial elasticity of the head provide large removals and high slab polishing level.

MACHINE CONTROL: The machine is controlled by a PLC (programable logic control) system with a 12 inch Touch Screen color panel for managing to synchronize all the processing parameters by easy interface and operator controls.

PAINT TREATMENT: Surface protected with two coats of bicomponent epoxy paint applied after sand blasting operation. 

Maximum Working Width 2100 mm
Minimum and Maximum Working Thickness 10/80 mm
Number of Abrasive Bricks on Each Head 8
Number of Polishing Spindles   6-20
Polishing Heads Motor Power   2*5.5kW
Mobile Bridge Motor Power 3 kW
Belt Motor Power 2.2 kW
Bridge Max Speed 30 m/min
Maximum Belt Speed       3.5 m/min
Water Requirement 350 l/min
Pneumatic SMC (Japanese)