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NC4-320 4 axes is a multifunctional working centre to process marble, granite and compound stone designed also for complex processing in short time and high quality. NC4-320 has been specially designed to ensure higher production capacity as well as the largest flexibility thanks to the very high working and displacement speed and the wide gamut of possible geometries,which allow any kind of processing ( shaping, profiling, milling, chamfering, drilling...)on marble, granite and compound stone slabs without the intervention of the operator, following a pre-set program. The machine features a mobile bridge structure, engineered using the state-of-the-art techniques of computer-assisted design, which forms a sole assembly with the uprights fixed to the based onto which the pieceholding table is applied.

The axes move by re-circulating ball screw at 60 m/min with accelerations which permit to reach the maximum speed in very short time. An automatic device to lubricate the guides and the screws grants high reliability over the time of every moving part.
The rapid displacements of the bridge along the shoulders are performed at a speed of 40 meters per minute; this make it possible to have faster work cycles, as all idle times for non-operative movements are absolutely negligible.

The tempered and rectified steel guides for the displacement of the spindle holding saddle (x axis) are machined onto the normalized, electrowelded steel bridge, suitably dimensioned and ribbed. The whole sliding system is protected in order to avoid any possible contamination between the processing water and lubricating oil. The spindle holding saddle moving on recirculating roller slides.
In order to obtain rapid displacement up to 40 meters per minute, which accelerates the work cycles, the movement of the spindle-holding saddle is provided by a fixed high precision rectified screw and a mobile ball bearing preharced lead nut linked directly to a digital SIMENS servo motor.
The electro-spindle adopted for this work centre is manufactured by the most important european producer of these components; it is  a powerfull unit (12kw) and can attain very high rotationspeed (max 11.000 rpm) in order to use milling tools with reduced diameters and therefore, providing extremely pricise processing. The stator and the rotor are housed within the casing; the whole assembly is cooled and stabilized by means of a thermal sensor to increase its reliability. The tool cooling water and the cone cleaning air pass through the spindle at a flow rate of 60lt/min. Spindle vertical travel of same 400 mm which allows to also rough-sahpe tick billets.

The NC4-320 is equipped with a  latest technology continuous numerical control unit (CNC) SIMENS sinumeric of the latest generation, with digital control on PC architecture.

The support structure of the NC4-320 is composed of a rugged closed-type structure fabricated from a single pieces of normalized welded steel, so as to quaranty the maximum rigidity, thereby providing extremely pricise processing
The bridge moves along the shoulders of the main structure, onto which the tempered and rectified steel guides are machined.
The bridge movement along the shoulders is by a system of two recirculating ball-bearing screws with precharged lead nuts, each one acting on one side of the bridge.
This solution allows to have perfect control and absolute precision oof movement and positioning. Traction is garantied by two digital servo motors, each one acting on one screw; the perfect synchronism of the two screw is constantly driven by SIMENS numerical control installed on the machine.( Gantry drive system )
The NC4-320 numerical work centre has a mobile bridge along the Y axes; this solution makes the work area completely open and accessible, which facilitates loading and unloading of work-pieces even when lifting equipment is required.
Vacuum circuit with frontal control, easily accessible to the operator.

The machine’s base is made up of an extremely rigid structure upon which is placed an aluminium worktable rectified to grand maximum flatness of the work area. Aluminium work table provided with grooves for mechanical fastening of vacuum pads, to ensure that, the work pieces are tightly locked in place even during heavy grinding operations 22 position line tool store positioned on the two internal sides of the machine. 

Among the range of accessories, it is also available a unit that allows to use tools with horizontal axes.
This unit is fixed to the spindle by means of ISO 40 coupling,as any other tool; it can continuously rotate 360 around the , “C” vertical axes, which is numerically controlled and can be locked in any position to perform retilinear cuts in all directions.
It is a continuous rotating fourth axes “C” which makes it possible to use cutting units with vertical disc to perform rectilinear cuts, or convex disc for corvilinear cuts, or 45 adjustable disc to perform inclined cut


  1. Manuel for use and maintanance.
  2. 20 pcs. BT 40 tool stainless steel holder cones ( ½ gas )
  3. 20 pcs. Adapter for wheel cutters
  4. 20 pcs. Pullstad bolds.
  5. 4 pcs. Ø160 mm suction cups.
  6. 4 pcs. Ø 100 mm suction cups.
  7. 4 pcs. Ø 80 mm suction cups.
  8. 6 pcs. Retractable positioning reference supports.
  9. 2 pcs. Pneumatic vice.
  10. 2 pcs. Retractable suction cups Ø 100 mm.
  11. Tool box.
  12. Spindle motor chiller
  13. Vacuum pump
  14. Water filtration device.
  15. Air filtration devices for 5 microns
  16. Electric box air-conditioning.
  17. Electronic Siemens handwheel.
  18. 2 pcs. Water pumps.

Table Sizes       3200x2200
X axis movment 3500
Y axis movment 2200
Z axis movment            400
Max cutter diameter      140
Max. Cutter Length 150
Spindle power  12
Max Cutter Weight 15
Holder type MAS BT 403 ISO 40
Cooling System inlet & outlet
X axis movment speed 60
Y axis movment speed 40
Z axis movment speed 40
Holder Types Units       11+11
Total water requirement 60
Weight 8500